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Snooze Sanctuary

The snooze sanctuary guarded by vicious, sharp-eyed, loud-mouth seagulls.

The snooze sanctuary security perimeter maintained by vicious, sharp-eyed, loud-mouth seagulls.

The snooze sanctuary security perimeter maintained by vicious, sharp-eyed, loud-mouth seagulls providing tired ducks their well deserved rest.

This guarded snooze sanctuary exists in Montreal’s West Island Centennial Park and our beaked, webbed-footed buddies enjoy this luxury after a hard day hunting for morsels of aquatic food from the man-made lake.

As my picture shows their winged buddies the alert, sharp-eyed loud-mouth seagulls maintain the security perimeter while the ducks take some shut-eye. Make no mistake about it, these gulls can be vicious defending what is theirs, especially scavenged food.

The park is a welcomed temporary refuge for a variety of fowl including these as well as various songbirds whose beautiful voices are heard from May late into the Fall by the multitudes of visitors strolling and biking the numerous pathways that traverse the grounds around the lake.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SANCTUARY”.

Transaction Perfection

Transaction perfection action, cool Blues sales guy gingerly fingers twenty while giving fan desired CD.

This transaction was perfection  as cool shades Blues CD guy worked his wares, found customer,  and handed CD gingerly fingering her twenty.

This transaction was perfection in action as hat and cool shades Blues salesman worked wares, found fan, and gave the desired CD gingerly fingering her twenty. The whole thing was quick, smooth work where excellent eye, ear, and hand coordination was perhaps one of the best I’ve ever witnessed.

I was seated on the left side when I quickly took this image of the transaction while it was all happening during a great Blues act out in front. Apparently, it’s a good idea to be alert about what is happening around you and it seems I was in the right place to snap the picture.

The scene was the 13th annual West Island Blues Festival in Dollard-des-Ormeaux in Montreal’s West Island where hundreds of excited blues fans enjoyed wonderful music for free on a super lovely last Saturday evening, June 18, 2016.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PERFECTION”.

Viva Vida Velo

Viva Vida Velo perched on display case.

The Viva Vida Velo perched on display case surrounded by fine art.

The Viva Vida Velo perched on top of display case surrounded by other fine art waiting for somebodyto notice it and I did.

It was about two years ago when I visited the Viva Vida Art Gallery located in the Pte. Claire village on Montreal’s West Island for the first time for a small cocktail party to fete its reopening after some renovations. This was a private party, by invitation only, by its owner, Nedia, whom my wife Pat has known for a while and is a good friend of hers.

Although this place seemed small from the outside and it definitely was small compared to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts downtown, it certainly packed a lot of wonderful paintings on its walls and very interesting exhibits of all sorts very carefully organized neatly everywhere else.

Entering from the street, in the very front, we found a small store selling hand crafted items like fine jewelry, cards and stationery, small metal sculptures, and other knickknacks etc.

I found the gallery located up a small staircase meanwhile, the main floor has all sorts of paintings including oils, acrylics, and water-color. On the floor we had exhibits like metal or synthetic material sculptures, and ceramics including some Chinese miniature dragons inside a furniture and glass case.

After some socializing with other guests and the owner of the gallery I viewed the exhibits and fine art displayed on the walls and it was then that I spotted this miniature racing bicycle taking my picture of it.

2015 WI Blues Fest

The 2015 WI Blues Fest is now Quebec history and a great success for the hardworking organizers and the talented performers who graced the outdoor stage.

Yesterday, June 20, 2015 was a real Blues blast and many Montreal West Island residents had a wonderful time listening to some great blues music performed by three bands. It all started in the early afternoon and continued up par 11 PM finishing off with a tribute to the late great BB King.

I took my photos and a smidgen of video at random times through the glorious afternoon, and it was a super day for this festival because it was sunny yet not muggy humid instead we had a nice cool breeze blowing regularly.

Then again, if anyone had any problem with extra hydration there was plenty of beer and pop at hand offered by the mobile and temporary fast food canteens which also doubled as suppliers of you guessed it, fast food. As customary since the event started Caribbean “Islands”¬†type yummies sold at reasonable prices and there was also the usual North American dogs, burgers, and fries.

Highschool Runners

Highschool runners in Spring training.

Highschool runners in Spring training to get into top shape.

Young female highschool runners in Spring training to get into shape. I photographed this group doing their workout in the field which also doubles as a soccer and football playing area situated next to their highschool. This particular school belongs to the local French-speaking school board in the West Island part of Montreal.

I was passing by one day a few years ago, walking along the sidewalk that skirts around the fenced off grounds, when I spotted this troupe of enthusiastic girls busy running around the field doing their physical training. Realizing that I had an opportunity for an interesting picture, I took a place, where I could zoom in and try to catch them in their run. I hoped for a good shot and this image is my award.