Notable Talent

  Despite hat he is wearing it's certainly no bull(s**t) this young guy has notable talent with accordion and he proved this last June 2017 while performing on stage during Fete Nationale du Quebec. The accordionist was part of a 6-man troupe that include a young woman singer which entertained the gathered multitude of Montreal … Continue reading Notable Talent

Entertainment Story

  little girl watches Saint Jean Baptiste entertainment story unfold throughout rainy day resting on her father's lap under umbrella. The scene is 2016 during Quebec's Fete National which originally was its patron saint's day until the separatist Parti Québécois made it a secular event in late 1970's. This little girl along with her father … Continue reading Entertainment Story

Snooze Sanctuary

================================================================================================= The snooze sanctuary security perimeter maintained by vicious, sharp-eyed, loud-mouth seagulls providing tired ducks their well deserved rest. This guarded snooze sanctuary exists in Montreal's West Island Centennial Park and our beaked, webbed-footed buddies enjoy this luxury after a hard day hunting for morsels of aquatic food from the man-made lake. As my picture shows … Continue reading Snooze Sanctuary

Transaction Perfection

==================================================================================================== This transaction was perfection in action as hat and cool shades Blues salesman worked wares, found fan, and gave the desired CD gingerly fingering her twenty. The whole thing was quick, smooth work where excellent eye, ear, and hand coordination was perhaps one of the best I've ever witnessed. I was seated on the … Continue reading Transaction Perfection

Viva Vida Velo

======================================================================================================= The Viva Vida Velo perched on top of display case surrounded by other fine art waiting for somebodyto notice it and I did. It was about two years ago when I visited the Viva Vida Art Gallery located in the Pte. Claire village on Montreal's West Island for the first time for a small … Continue reading Viva Vida Velo

2015 WI Blues Fest

===================================================================== The 2015 WI Blues Fest is now Quebec history and a great success for the hardworking organizers and the talented performers who graced the outdoor stage. Yesterday, June 20, 2015 was a real Blues blast and many Montreal West Island residents had a wonderful time listening to some great blues music performed by three … Continue reading 2015 WI Blues Fest

Highschool Runners

===================================================================== Young female highschool runners in Spring training to get into shape. I photographed this group doing their workout in the field which also doubles as a soccer and football playing area situated next to their highschool. This particular school belongs to the local French-speaking school board in the West Island part of Montreal. I … Continue reading Highschool Runners