Vader Curves

===================================================================================================== Vader's head bust composed of many curves created by an N/C (numerical controlled) milling machine interpreting instructions from sophisticated CAD design software. What you see is the roughed up Darth Vader head bust that an N/C ┬ámilling machine created based on instructions interpreted from sophisticated design software into machine code. The other picture, image … Continue reading Vader Curves

Orderly Bots Work

======================================================================================================= These orderly bots work tirelessly never taking a coffee break or a half-hour smoke, even legalized "medicinal" weed, and they never ever complain about anything, they are the ideal "rabotnik" or worker every boss can appreciate. I saw these industrial robots and a few more at the recent 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show … Continue reading Orderly Bots Work

Drone Afloat

  />to challenge: "Afloat." ======================================================================================= Keeping a drone afloat depends on a powerful battery and little or no air turbulence, such as heavy windgusts in the sky. The picture above is one I took at the SME sponsored Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show a couple years ago of a small drone created by a company called … Continue reading Drone Afloat