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Distant Tokyo Sax Masters

Japanese musicians from distant Tokyo, thirteen sax masters, play incredible hybrid music during 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Distant Tokyo sax masters, thirteen Japanese baritone saxophonists,  play their incredible hybrid music during annual 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Last summer from distant Tokyo thirteen sax masters, that is 13 baritone saxophonists although only seven are depicted here, visited Montreal playing their instruments to create their incredible hybrid music.

This young troupe of Japanese musicians called Tokyo Chutei-Iki created music that was neither classical, jazz, nor rock and roll yet it was a combination of all these and their audience loved it.

Their world tour began in Tochigi, Japan soon flying over to Belgium for a short gig in Brussels then Hasselt, Netherlands afterwards flying into Montreal for the annual International Jazz Festival playing several free out-door concerts including this one at the Place Heineken beer tent.

They also did a number of gigs around town including one at the Japanese consulate afterwards taking a short break checking out Montreal hopping a plane and returning home to Tokyo, Japan.

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Hospitality Delivered

Liquid hospitality delivered by strong young man in green Montreal Jazz Festival tee-shirt at Quartier-des-spectacles.

Liquid hospitality delivered by strong young man in green Montreal  Jazz Festival tee-shirt with wire basket on head filled with ice-cold  beer at Quartier-des-spectacles.

Liquid hospitality delivered by a strong young man in green colored Montreal Jazz Festival tee-shirt holding metal wire baskets filled with ice-cold cans of beer on their heads roamed around the Quartier-des-spectacles.

This nice guy took time to pose for me while he was on his way delivering his cheer in the vicinity of the Bell Stage, located at the east-end of the festival site probably, because business was brisk at that particular time due to weather that was cool and overcast.

Most likely if that day been a typical Montreal July day, hot, sticky, and sunny, he would be much too busy to provide me this opportunity then again, I don’t know maybe he was just being very friendly and hospitable to fans enjoying the annual Montreal Jazz Festival.

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Klezmer Circus

The klezmer circus happened last summer during the 2015 Montreal Jazz Festival when this local band entertained a small crowd inside the Heineken Beer tent.

This ensemble created a circus/carnival type atmosphere for a very intimate and enthusiastic audience cheering them on as they played their hybrid type of music.

My small video is a collection of bit-parts of their act because the whole number is considerably longer and includes some footage of a side act from the trombone player’s little girl shown momentarily in my small video pestering her mother.

Later on the band performed (ad-lib/impromptu) outside their tent and in front of Place DesJardins Complexe, a very large offices and hotel project nearby, to a much larger gathered crowd that surrounded them enthused to sample their music.

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Montreal Total Circus Escadrille


The Montreal Total Circus “escadrille” or “flying squad” (Montreal Completement Cirque) duo was just beginning their exciting trapeze act when I happened upon them that beautiful Thursday, July, 2015 afternoon.
I had come to enjoy the Montreal Jazz Festival that was going in downtown centering on the area known as ‘Quartier des spectacles’ adjacent to Place des Arts. This is an area bounded by Saint Lawrence boulevard on the east, de Maisonneuve boulevard on the north and Rene Levesque boulevard on the south, and Park avenue on the west side.

I was a gorgeous, warm, sunny with a bit of cloud, breezy day and while I waited for the next Jazz music act to happen this circus trapeze act right in the middle of it all caught my attention. I immediately put my tiny Panasonic digital video camera into action hoping to record it well.

While recording, I decided to try various new techniques to capture the two young acrobats, these you may notice when viewing the finished product. Since this circus act was done outdoors it reminds us how it was in the good old days when the famous circus troupes operated, my brief black and white intro attempts to morph yesteryear to the present time. Enjoy the show folks!

Jump Train

“Jump train” yelled Montreal Jazz Festival’s West Trainz troupe during their act to hundreds of fans enjoying their music.

The Fest was in full swing Monday with lots of great music of all types emanating from all over the site however, the West Trainz troupe were not tied down to a single place. True to their name they were a train of small wagons driven all over playing their wonderful unique music as my short video presents.

Other groups of musicians although tied to their respective stages big or small, gave fans a wonderful time providing music from all over the globe.

We had a small jazz troupe from France providing a haunting sound, a threesome doing a pseudo Jimmy Hendrixaque rock, another large troupe a very soothing jazz bit, still another with piano doing classical jazz, and a bunch from Halifax doing pseudo Klezmer mélange jazz. These groups but skinned the surface of what was going on at the site.

There were even buskers walking about juggling balls and red hats, twirling around in large loops, others walking around on stilts, and some dressed as weird animals.

This movie is possible with a little help from archive.org for my intro music I thank them and the talented musicians creators for it.