Framed Mannequin Trio

==================================================================================================== This window framed mannequin trio are dummies showing nice summer clothes and sunglasses for the tourist crowds during the time of the annual Montreal Jazz Fest. These mannequins or store window dummies are probably made of some sort of shiny plastic and have moveable joints at shoulders and wrists and perhaps hips, knees, and … Continue reading Framed Mannequin Trio

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

Twinkle defined as causing a shine with fluctuating light or to shine with a flickering or sparkling light, I believe this picture I took last Summer during Montreal's Jazz Festival fits that description like a glove. I was returning home walking West towards the Atwater subway station and had just passed Crescent Street when I … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

The stage was set for the 2014 Montreal Jazz Fest act and music fans converge to the site. Last year's Jazz Fest was a real blast, a real fun time for all Jazz fans who arrived from all over the world to hear their favorite artists play their music. The photo depicts lots of excited, … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge