Fast Food Assumption

  Growing line of anxious, hungry,straight-faced, jazz fans near temporary fast food outlet seems to indicate an assumption their next meal will take much more time than they want to spend waiting. The scene is in downtown Montreal during recent International Jazz Festival near Bell stage on eastern section of Cartier-des-Spectacles, where a temporary hotdog … Continue reading Fast Food Assumption

Disrupt Tranquility

Should you ever want to disrupt your normal afternoon tranquility during July just visit Place Heineken when these guys (brass band) are performing. Actually, these local musicians were pretty damn good putting on a great musical performance during the annual Montreal International Jazz Festival a few years ago. Of course, if you are tired from … Continue reading Disrupt Tranquility

My Favorite Place   My favorite place in Montreal during summer is the annual International Jazz  Festival held in the famed Quartier-des-Spectacles near Place-des-Arts. I enjoy the great free outdoor music and seeing all the thousands of fans mostly visiting international tourists many from the USA heck, I've even spotted Hollywood celebrities mingling in the crowds. The Jazz … Continue reading My Favorite Place

Imaginary Jazz Saxophone Great

==================================================================================================== Imaginary Jazz saxophone great plays her musical instrument two years ago during rehearsal of Sugar Brown's troupe at Montreal's annual International Festival. Actually, this young woman may be a great sax player however, during the troupe's live performance later in the day she instead skillfully played a guitar nevertheless, she is a very talented … Continue reading Imaginary Jazz Saxophone Great

Look Up There

======================================================================= Look up there..see it's a drone flying over the site someone pointed it out the quickly moving small dark object in the darkening east sky. It took me a few seconds to react finally spotting it to zoom in with my small digital video camera. I momentarily captured the drone's flight however, who was controlling it wasn't … Continue reading Look Up There

West Trainz Autonomy

======================================================================================================= The West Trainz autonomy is synonymous and synchronous with the Montreal International Jazz Festival heck, this annual event wouldn't be the same if they were not free to roam. Each day at 5PM the Trainz troupe of six including the "engineer" driving the rig roll onto Saint Catherine street within festival site playing their … Continue reading West Trainz Autonomy