Wolff Black Triumph

======================================================================================================= "Toto Wolff Montreal 2015 #1" adorns sedans black composite fibre spoiler probably signed following triumph achieved two years ago by Mercedes-AMG over international rivals during the Canadian Grand Prix. The signer is Torger Christian "Toto" Wolff head of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, commonly known as AMG, the high-performance division wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG headquartered … Continue reading Wolff Black Triumph

Clone Order 151XD

======================================================================================================= Six identical looking automatons infiltrate 2017 Montreal Prix celebrations executing Republic Grand Army clone order 151XD, their special mission to blend in unnoticed in the festivities while preparing Earth's invasion. After positioning themselves on platform of their starship's time warp machine, a wormhole window, transported the clone crew to their precise destination into the … Continue reading Clone Order 151XD

Brassy Babes

==================================================================================================== Montreal policeman wearing a red cap talks with what appears like a couple of brassy babes on famous Crescent Street during last year's Montreal annual Grand Prix weekend. Everyone was standing next to one of the bars, seems filled to capacity with international race fans and tourists, that line this street. The Grand Prix … Continue reading Brassy Babes

Rebuilding Custom Work

===================================================================================================== Rebuilding custom work involved in this university student designed and built miniature racecar is not easy perhaps, almost impossible because many of its parts are unavailable off-the-shelf and are one of a kind. Our Concordia University racer took hundreds of hours to design and build and they continue to refine it, creating new parts … Continue reading Rebuilding Custom Work

Wheel Change Race

==================================================================== The wheel change race contestants patiently waited the signal from the guy on the mike suddenly the race was on to see who could torque the big tire retaining lug. After a false start the two contestants were really working hard to beat the clock as those large digits quickly morphed through the numbers. … Continue reading Wheel Change Race

Grand Prix Kiddie

===================================================================== Grand Prix kiddie busy checking out new race video game during 2014 Montreal Grand Prix weekend. Tomorrow will be the start of the annual excitement in Montreal when it hosts the 2015 Grand Prix race on Sunday at the Gilles Villeneuve Race Track in┬áJean Drapeau Park. Every year thousands of car race fans and … Continue reading Grand Prix Kiddie

Just More Hype

===================================================================== Just more Hype during last year's Montreal Grand Prix is what these young ladies were selling or rather, providing samples to thousands of international race car fans in town for the race. As my picture shows, they were a very animated bunch trying their best to attract business for the Bench company makers of … Continue reading Just More Hype

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

In our daily lives we take them for granted yet each may be a "work of art" for anyone who cares to take notice. Although I probably have a very fine collection of works of art at home around me, I had a problem picking just one for this blog exercise until today. While walking … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art