F1 racer tire change contest woman announcer seems to blush while on her mike talking to assembled crowd of passersby Grand Prix fans during pre-amble to giving OK for event to start. The scene is Crescent street, Thursday morning, June 2016, during the annual Montreal International Grand Prix weekend and the two first contestants … Continue reading Blush

Red Hats Anticipate Trouble

========================================================================================================= Red hats seem to anticipate trouble as they walk by carefully observing the crowd gathered in front of the popular tire change competition stage on Crescent street during Montreal Grand Prix weekend. Montreal Police dressed in combat boots, camouflage pants, dark blue standard issue jackets covered by bright neon-color vests with Montreal police logo, … Continue reading Red Hats Anticipate Trouble

Lucky Taper

======================================================================================================= British-American Racing Honda formula 1 car Lucky exhibited on Peel Street in Montreal during last Friday lead up to the famous Grand Prix race shows evident taper right up front in at least two places. The sleek car named Lucky perhaps, because it was fortunate in winning a race or maybe just to ensure … Continue reading Lucky Taper

Tight Uniform

==================================================================================================== Selling cars today requires wearing a tight uniform with the company's logos printed on bright red stretch fabric and matching cherry red stiletto type shoes. Other likely very important requirements ask that young women representatives are shapely and good-looking with blond hair, have a nice smile, and a pleasant personality when dealing with visitors … Continue reading Tight Uniform

Awesome Viper

===================================================================================================== The awesome Viper GT presented itself well at the recent Montreal Grand Prix weekend on Crescent Street. This American designed and manufactured muscle sports car competes with some of the most famous international names in the business such as Alpha Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Porsche to name a few, all present at this event. … Continue reading Awesome Viper