One-Way Trip

========================================================================================================= One-way trip over Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles attached in a harness rolling east along a one inch thick braided stainless steel wire from one platform to another. It was a bright sunny but really cold morning with very few people outdoors on the Quartier festival site when I took this picture of this woman … Continue reading One-Way Trip

Slide Zip

======================================================================================================= Two years ago weather for the Montreal en Lumiere winter festival's fast, twisting, ice slide would zip a plastic toboggan and passenger down the track at high-speed as depicted in the picture. February is usually a bitter, cold month with lots of wind ideal for ice tracks like this one ensuring a very slippery … Continue reading Slide Zip

Toothy Exposure

======================================================================================================= Long exposure to hot sunlight for "Mister Toothy" ice sculpture means disaster fortunately, February is normally a very cold winter month ensuring it long survival. This art work was on exhibit near the curb on Saint Catherine street in downtown last year during the annual "Montreal en lumiere" winter festival located at the Cartier-des-Spectacles … Continue reading Toothy Exposure