Main Old Facade

==================================================================== This Montreal 'Main' old facade is from an era when this downtown area had by many similar grey stone structures. This particular building still houses the National Theatre School of Canada and located on Saint Lawrence boulevard nicknamed the "Main". The nickname was given it because it was and still is a very heavily … Continue reading Main Old Facade

Quebec Space Cadets

===================================================================== This Quebec 'space cadets' graffiti is on a wall of a backyard tunnel that exits onto a street. While exploring rue du Havre, one street over and running parallel with rue Frontenac, I found a small elongated park on its East side and a series of older homes of various type construction, some that … Continue reading Quebec Space Cadets

Austerity Capitalism Weave

===================================================================== New graffiti, the 'austerity capitalism weave', joins my collection of 'arteesta' works adoring walls in Montreal. Actually folks this is something I created using some real ideological graffiti spotted in the east end of the city. I took the liberty transmogrifying this 'art' that somebody aerosol can stenciled on the formerly nice clean brick, … Continue reading Austerity Capitalism Weave