On Scent

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- White hound dog seems on scent trying to nose a fancy ladies' handbag in window display of a popular department store located on western part of busy Saint Catherine street shopping area in downtown Montreal some of which is reflected. This porcelain hound probably could have made it in ballet dancing if it was … Continue reading On Scent

Guilty Bill Explained

Guilty meal bill explained by helpful restaurant staffer after surprised customer requests answers regarding unexpected costs on it. Well known Montreal downtown oriental food establishment normally difficult to get reservations in because of its popularity is where this scene happened several years ago. After restaurant staffer carefully went over the details with the customer regarding … Continue reading Guilty Bill Explained

Concrete-Glass Monolith City

===================================================================================================== The concrete-glass monolith city evolving in the downtown is replacing the charm of traditional old grey stone architecture of Montreal's earlier times. Almost all traces of the past is being erased and absorbed into the new, sterile, secular, cold, uncaring, twenty-first century, dark monolith scene, a mirror image of other similar cities that already … Continue reading Concrete-Glass Monolith City

Orderly Bots Work

======================================================================================================= These orderly bots work tirelessly never taking a coffee break or a half-hour smoke, even legalized "medicinal" weed, and they never ever complain about anything, they are the ideal "rabotnik" or worker every boss can appreciate. I saw these industrial robots and a few more at the recent 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show … Continue reading Orderly Bots Work

Behind Iron Curtain View

======================================================================================================= This behind the iron curtain view shields us comfortably from the danger lurking on the other side. I marvelled at the amount of infrastructure advances happening in downtown Montreal since I last visited this area. Where last time we had huge holes deep below the boulevard next to them today massive black towers of glass and … Continue reading Behind Iron Curtain View

Circle of Approval

======================================================================================================= This circle of approval etched on high-rise building plate glass shows structure met environmental standards excellence. It is a 'Silver' award from LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) CANADA Green Building Council that uses an internationally approved rating system to signify excellence. Apparently, this particular structure meets their approval for "sustainability" in its … Continue reading Circle of Approval