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Serene Moment

Montreal Ukrainian priest in serene moment of silence during solemn service commemorating 30th Anniversary of Chornobyl Disaster in 2016..

Serene moment commemorating 30th anniversary of Chornobyl nuclear disaster on April 26, 1986, when
flawed Soviet Russian built power plant blew up contaminating landscape.

Serene moment commemorating victims of Chornobyl nuclear disaster on April 26, 1986 when Soviet Russian built electrical power plant blew up spewing radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere.

The Chernobyl nuclear power station located some 130 km north of Ukraine’s capital city Kiev and only 20 km from neighboring Belarus had four Soviet-designed RBMK 1000 graphite block reactors sitting near the Pripyat river to provide a cooling source for them.

The design now universally recognized as inherently flawed used enriched U-235 uranium fuel rods to heat cooling water creating steam to power massive turbines generating electrical power for the surrounding cities, towns, and villages including Kiev.

The RBMK-1000 was  designed to produce  plutonium,  probably for the Soviet Union nuclear armament program,  and also electric power for industry and lighting.

Criminal negligence by two plant workers and their management triggered a massive hydrogen gas explosion in reactor No.4 that detached a 1,000-ton steel plate covering the reactor’s core starting a chain reaction resulting in a second more powerful blast completely demolishing the reactor and its building.

Furthermore, hot, intensive, burning graphite fires then threatened adjoining reactor No.3 which was still in operation during this time.

We now know the Chernobyl No. 4 reactor contained about 190 metric tons of uranium dioxide fuel and fission products,  and about 30 percent of this radioactive stuff escaped carried away by airflow into atmosphere.

Despite the severity of this emergency Moscow continued business as usual pretending nothing was going on meanwhile,  the 115,000 residents of Pripyat, the nuclear workers model city, were finally being evacuated about 36 hours later.

Additionally, despite the whole world already knowing about the radioactive plume flowing around the globe Moscow continued their repressive, suppressive ways keeping their own citizens in dark about the disaster going on.

Soviet president Gorbachev and Communist party preferred to keep them ignorant therefore, scheduled May Day celebrations in Kiev, Ukraine were allowed to go on despite radiation deaths to plant workers already having occurred and local mass evacuations going on.

According to some “reliable” sources 28 reactor staff and “liquidators”or emergency workers were dead from radiation and thermal burns within 4 months moreover, there were about 7,000 cases of thyroid cancer in children less than 18 years old from affected areas when it happened.

Radiation is deadly, odorless, tasteless, an invisible killer that silently robs a person’s health eventually terminating life.

My picture depicts priest during a serene moment of silence solemn service at Mary Queen Of The World Cathedral commemorating the Chornobyl Disaster 30th Anniversary in 2016 by Montreal’s Ukrainian community.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”SERENE”.

Memorial Sing

Choir sings at solemn memorial mass honoring Chernobyl's victims.

Choir sings at solemn memorial mass commemorating Chernobyl’s 30th anniversary.

The choir sings at solemn memorial mass commemorating the 30th anniversary of the terrible Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the world”s worst.

The memorial mass was held at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral in downtown Montreal last April 26, 2016 to pray and honor all the victims of this preventable man-made tragedy.

Montreal’s Ukrainian community came together to remember and remind fellow Canadians and the world that what happened thirty years ago will not be forgotten and buried by the world’s mass media, governments, and/or other parties who have a vested interest in protecting and promoting the nuclear industry.

No amount of money can erase what happened because of the negligence and incompetence of those populating the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia and their minions.

Despite best efforts  of those already mentioned, it cannot ever be forgotten like many other political or important news events or stories because Chernobyl remains alive like cancer.  Chernobyl continues to pose a terrible risk even today to all life on Earth and it will continue to be a major health threat for perhaps another 24,000 years according to some notable nuclear experts and scientists.

This photo is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SING”.

Intricate Holy Work

A lot of intricate holy work inside Montreal's Mary Queen of the World Cathedral.

There is a lot of intricate holy work inside Montreal’s Mary Queen of the World Cathedral.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate.”

There is a lot of intricate holy work inside Montreal’s Mary Queen of the World Cathedral as this photograph shows because the inside is like Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The only difference between the two is the size because the original one in Rome is much bigger and the template for Montreal.

As you can see center stage is the very ornate, sculpted, and large altar, which by itself, is a study in intricate craftsmanship. Next, is the very complex ceiling or ceilings, that includes the huge rotunda with its 360 degrees equally spaced windows.

The ceiling has many frescos of saints and angels, large gold lettering a bottom of the rotunda, hundreds of golden squares and roundels with intricate designs, and a multitude of golden arches populate it. We also have Roman and Greek columns the tops of which are also intricate designs many  topped with a type of ‘roof’. The cathedral also has lots stained glass windows of various sizes some of which populate the rotunda.

Last but not least, are many rich hard wood pews, the massive church entrance doors, metal railings, the chandeliers and other lighting, and the massive pipe organ, each are examples exquisite master craftmanship work, holy work.

Downtown Early Bird

An early bird  travelling East downtown approaching a cluster of famous Montreal landmarks.

I was an early bird last Sunday travelling East downtown approaching famous Montreal

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Early Bird.”

I was an early bird last Sunday travelling east along the wide boulevard downtown approaching a cluster of famous Montreal landmarks. Waiting for the green light at the intersection of Peel street and Rene Levesque boulevard I took out my camera and captured this view.

The time was about six thirtyish and a beautiful day was just beginning. The sun’s intense rays bathed the south side of the Sunlife building in front, on the left, and also Place Ville Marie hovering over in front of it. Mary Queen of the World Cathedral and the Queen Elizabeth Hotel (with the Canadian flag) still remained in the shadows far removed from the glistening bright white cloud formation just East of them. The sun also bathed and warmed the trees of Dorchester Square in front of the Sunlife building some glistening off the windshield of an STM autobus approaching our intersection heading South.

As you can see up ahead, heading East, a lot of the tall buildings as well as some of the smaller ones also enjoyed the sun’s early morning rays that warmed the roadway medians melting the remains of our long, harsh, Winter.