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Parking Ticket Luck

Bad luck getting whacked with parking ticket for remaining past allotted time on Saint Catherine.

Parking ticket luck happens when vehicle owner regulations ignorant, not careful, or simply doesn’t care and flaunts possibility of ticket.

What foul luck, how disgusting, getting a parking ticket in downtown Montreal during the excitement of the annual Jazz Festival that is probably what owner of this heavy-duty Ford pickup truck will think after returning to it later.

Getting whacked with a substantial fine for remaining past the allotted time parked on Saint Catherine is just a cruel reality many experience if they are not aware of regulations and not careful, or simply don’t care and ignore the possibility that they will be ticketed.

I took this interesting picture last year after attending a few free outdoor shows happening during the Montreal International Jazz Festival while walking west (image right hand side) towards the Atwater metro (subway) station, a route I usually take during these events.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”LUCK”.

Optimistic in America

Optimistic in America is the good life TV promotes and Joe citizen hopes to have soon.

Optimistic in America is a fridge full of goodies the TV ads promote Joe citizen needs and believes will get soon.

Optimistic in America is when Joe citizen opens his fridge and finds the goodies the TV ads promote as the stuff needed for the good life he believes will come soon.

Reality is that despite lots of promises, hoopla, and new laws things remain pretty well the same or worse than 2008 for many. New elections are around the corner and many can expect very little to better their lot no matter who they decide will help them out of their misery brands or parties matter very little.

The true optimistic people are those that use their God-given abilities and a bit of luck to start some sort of enterprise to ween themselves off government help.

My cartoon is two-fold, provide some humor and make a statement of the circumstances that exist for many people living in America. This is my response to this week’s WP weekly photo challenge “OPTIMISTIC”.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

 Texture of white fungus


Nature is all about texture and my photo is a good example. Although there are plenty more similar examples to be found none will be exactly like this one that I spotted in the bush near the country house in the Eastern Townships.

I was doing something I try to do whenever I am out in the country, taking nice long walks to see what I can find to photograph when I got lucky and saw this white fungus growing on a rotten log. As you can see the bark has come apart in irregular sections leaving bare darkened wood meanwhile, the remaing bark has been overgrown with the white fungus creating an interesting texture. My “log” rests nestled amongst small dead broken twigs and mostly dead brown leaves complimented with some fresh green new ones.