Parking Ticket Luck

======================================================================================================= What foul luck, how disgusting, getting a parking ticket in downtown Montreal during the excitement of the annual Jazz Festival that is probably what owner of this heavy-duty Ford pickup truck will think after returning to it later. Getting whacked with a substantial fine for remaining past the allotted time parked on Saint Catherine … Continue reading Parking Ticket Luck

Optimistic in America

======================================================================================================= Optimistic in America is when Joe citizen opens his fridge and finds the goodies the TV ads promote as the stuff needed for the good life he believes will come soon. Reality is that despite lots of promises, hoopla, and new laws things remain pretty well the same or worse than 2008 for many. … Continue reading Optimistic in America

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Nature is all about texture and my photo is a good example. Although there are plenty more similar examples to be found none will be exactly like this one that I spotted in the bush near the country house in the Eastern Townships. I was doing something I try to do whenever I am out … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture