2018 Summer’s Last

2018 Summer's last vestiges were morphing into Fall meanwhile, during our beautiful Labor Day weekend this little hummingbird methodically performed his last sortie .   2018 Summer's last vestiges were morphing into Fall and what remained of this year's exceptionally warm, balmy weather was quickly disappearing. During last month's beautiful Labor Day weekend the little … Continue reading 2018 Summer’s Last

Horizon In Comfort

========================================================================================================= Viewing horizon in comfort through modern, large, multi-pane, thermal windows sitting in cushy leather seating imbibing in a popular brewski or some refreshing nice wine while enjoying some munchies when taking in some entertainment on a large screen TV makes for an interesting time. My digital picture depicts an excellent view from my in-laws … Continue reading Horizon In Comfort

Shallow Fresh Water Stream

========================================================================================================= Depicted shallow mountain fresh water stream in Eastern Townships forest runs down ravine cut into solid rock much of it granite with a bit of quartz, plentiful in this area. Hiking through the forest we came upon this little meandering stream, whose water source is deep in some huge rock formation probably kilometers away … Continue reading Shallow Fresh Water Stream

Off-Season View

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Off-Season." =================================================================== This off-season view of Lake Memphremagog shows its beauty from a high hilltop overlooking it a couple of years ago when I took this photograph. A gorgeous late summer beginning of autumn day and certain trees already sported their baked reddish or brown look … Continue reading Off-Season View