According to the script

According To The Script

It's April 2021 and we are still struggling with that deadly virus, last year's Chinese New Year's gift happily distributed by Chinese visitors. Democrat Joe Biden, former VP in the previous Obama regime, is now the official US president however, little has changed because Americans are still dying from that Chinese gift. It is as … Continue reading According To The Script

For Then Shall Be Great Tribulation

========================================================================================== "For then shall be great tribulation..", over 2000 years ago, our Lord, Jesus Christ, foretold about what sinful humanity will experience during the coming future "end times". 75 years ago, yesterday , during conclusion of a very costly, bloody, horrible, WW2, Imperial Japan experienced a horrifying event that changed our world forever. "I heard … Continue reading For Then Shall Be Great Tribulation

B Calm

======================================================================== B Calm is a Hollywood movie mashup about the ultimate disaster  yet to visit mankind, the end of our world, Judgement Day. Although everybody has heard or should have heard that it will happen nobody wants to believe it because it's too awesome to imagine instead we prefer to ignore it. Hollywood however, has not … Continue reading B Calm

Blood Moon Tracking

===================================================================== Blood moon tracking of third celestial manifestation in significant tetral series of four occurrences, the last to be in 2033, happened last night. Sunday night, September, 27, 2015, the assembly began slowly however, as the celestial manifestation progressed in the sky above more and more people arrived to witness the third spectacular appearance of … Continue reading Blood Moon Tracking