Merry Christmas 2015

==================================================================================================== A very Merry Christmas 2015 to everyone who visited my blog this year and especially those who became followers. It has been an exciting year in the WP blogosphere and a lot was accomplished ensuring for an even better 2016. I look forward to creating more great posts and exploring even more of those … Continue reading Merry Christmas 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

This challenge about what is "gone but not forgotten" immediately brought back memories about my canine friends in particular, the last two. Both these lads were wonderful companions whom I enjoyed having around and who gave me much joy and some mild grief because of their antics. Reminiscing, I would like to talk about my … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

While visiting us our friend brought over her new fluffy, long haired, li'l bundle of joy, an oriental kitten, which she just got. Capitalizing on the opportunity presented, I snapped this picture with my small Panasonic video camera of the cute, little, rascal just as her owner she brought her up next to her own … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Ultimate Beef Stew D’Eugenio

Autumn gets rather cool at times and ourĀ Ultimate Beef Stew D'Eugenio comes to the rescue because after first enjoying its aroma and then having some of this delicious, warm, filling, stew we forget the cold. Don't let the thought of the coming winter get you down heck, ourĀ Ultimate Beef Stew D'Eugenio, can bring joy to … Continue reading Ultimate Beef Stew D’Eugenio