=================================================================== Reward is something given self or by others to you as an award in gratitude for something you did or accomplished. The prize is highly desirable and worthy of your deed or actions, its is also most likely enviable by others. "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz ? My friends all drive … Continue reading Reward

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Ottawa is full of relics of Canada's historical past and one, the Rideau Canal, took a very important part in this country's development. Recently, after attending a conference at the Chateau Laurier Hotel just a stone's throw from Canada's Parliament complex, I discovered a part of the Rideau Canal system. I had just left the … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

While "On the Move" earlier this week I saw a several important, famous Montreal landmarks, all clustered within close proximity of each other, and also some very zany, interesting, and musically talented buskers providing entertainment for passersby. I obviously had picked the right day because these guys were really good and I wasn't the only … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move