No Illusion

======================================================================================================= Act is no illusion as white Stetson man and woman partner fearlessly juggle huge, sharp, curved knives between each other while riding rain slicked stage on unicycles during light intermittent rain showers. It was the eve of Saint Jean Baptiste and a light rain was falling intermittently resulting in a low crowd turnout to … Continue reading No Illusion

Fresh Chainsaw Home Renovations

===================================================================== Arrival of Spring brings a flurry fresh chainsaw home renovations work to the neighborhood. Walking to the local bank, I first heard then noticed workmen dressed in orange manipulating large gasoline-powered chain saws near the roof of a home. As shown in my picture, a lot of woodchips are flying all over the place … Continue reading Fresh Chainsaw Home Renovations


=================================================================== Reward is something given self or by others to you as an award in gratitude for something you did or accomplished. The prize is highly desirable and worthy of your deed or actions, its is also most likely enviable by others. "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz ? My friends all drive … Continue reading Reward