Tasteful Panacea

======================================================================================================== Wonderfully tasteful panacea available locally helps calm nerves, cool things down, and momentarily take your mind off unexpected surprises of everyday life. This cure unfortunately is not for everyone particularly if you have a medical problem like diabetes, lactose intolerance, morbid obesity, or some other affliction moreover, the depicted may not be available in … Continue reading Tasteful Panacea

Object of Denial

======================================================================================================= Object of denial during this time of year, ┬ásometimes rich, dark, delicious, chocolate cake covered with tangy lemon butter-cream icing and lemon custard cream center combined with some creamy butter-pecan ice cream is temptation just too hard to resist. Presently, Jewish members of our multicultural, politically imposed secular society are celebrating Passover while Christians … Continue reading Object of Denial