April 2019 Ice Over

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last weekend outside conditions seemed to indicate the beginning of a nice, sunny, Spring with our temperature finally elevating a few degrees above zero raising everyone's spirits. Many believed this lull in a long period of grayness finally, as the end of our dreadful winter that seemed to linger too long because after all, … Continue reading April 2019 Ice Over

Patience with Chainsaw

Tree trimmer exhibits patience with his chainsaw after having climbed to where he will cut tree limb. Routinely Hydro Quebec, our electric utility, has trained crews out trimming trees in the neighborhood to help prevent power outages from bad weather. The work is also done by a select number of private arborist companies for the … Continue reading Patience with Chainsaw

Smart Protest

===================================================================================================== Protests against smart meters proliferation pushed by state electrical utility company, Hydro Quebec, in coordination with the international banker elite brain thrust determined to fully control people's lives through the "Internet of Things" technology. Incidently, it was this same Internet of Things that hackers very recently used to attack the Internet itself when they … Continue reading Smart Protest

Discussion On The Way

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "On the Way." ======================================================================================== Heated discussion on the way about what to do when electrical utility crew arrives to install their smart meters. There certainly was much discussion after people found out that that Hydro Quebec was following the large electrical utility companies in the USA … Continue reading Discussion On The Way