War Obsessed

==================================================================== The war obsessed Hollywood characters depicted are propaganda machine brainwash to facilitate military industrial complex controllers' war profits from American lives. It is what the late president Eisenhower called the US "military-industrial complex" to brainwash Americans for war. That same machine continues manipulating ordinary people's minds for today's military industrial complex controllers because after all it's … Continue reading War Obsessed

Angry Freakin World

======================================================================= The angry freakin world depicted by this video, a film teaser-bits collection, of some of Hollywood's famous classical movies provides a fleeting glimpse of the American public's shifting morals mindset. Anger remains a constant human emotion triggered by a host of associated capital vices such as envy, greed, hate lust, pride, and even wrath, fomented by … Continue reading Angry Freakin World


======================================================================= Bob Hope or Leslie Townes Hope was a fascinating American born in London, England in 1903 and came to the USA with his family  when only four years old and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. During his long 100 year life, he was a comedian, vaudeville performer, actor, singer, dancer, athlete, and author. With … Continue reading Hope

3rd Cybercat-Martian War

=======================================================================================================The 3rd Cybercat-Martian War started innocently enough when Mooshie, grand pooba of the Cyberfeline Empire asked Orb, ruler of Mars for katnipium, a mineral substance plentiful on Mars and Orb refused to sell any. When Mooshie's peaceful Cybercat representatives failed again after trying to negotiate a deal and then were ruffed up by Orb's imperial … Continue reading 3rd Cybercat-Martian War

Phantasmal Red Insurrectionists

===================================================================== Good old deceit convinces the young to become phantasmal red insurrectionists bent on changing the world into their imagined socialist, Marxist utopia. Ideological programming they receive through the school systems they attend warps their perception of the capitalist system they live in. Young people have vulnerable minds that certain educators reconfigure by continued ideological … Continue reading Phantasmal Red Insurrectionists

Machine Takeover

==================================================================== The machine takeover was now complete coming as a surprise despite months of an uneasy atmosphere, a foreboding, that something terrible was happening and yet nobody was doing anything about it or could. "Your resistance is futile!" the voice said, it was almost human, not artificial like depicted in the movies, sounding pleasant yet … Continue reading Machine Takeover