Thinking Love

===================================================================== Thinking love is not always easy or possible however, all the signs are there for the Thinker as he stares across the street to see the objects of his love. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presently has an exhibition called 'Metamorphoses' featuring the works of famous French sculptor-artist François-Auguste-René Rodin. His 'Thinker' is … Continue reading Thinking Love

Gargoyle Quadrille

Gargoyle quadrille on Le Chateau Apartments complex ledge watches Sherbrooke Street traffic. ===================================================================== A gargoyle quadrille on their Le Chateau Apartments complex ledge watches all traffic both people and their cars passing by along Sherbrooke Street. This distinctive Montreal landmark completed in 1926 designed by famous Canadian architects (George Allen) Ross & (Robert Henry) Macdonald and … Continue reading Gargoyle Quadrille

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

This minimalist image of a Pagani, a very expensive sportscar, shows it emerging out of a dark black background only part of it is visible. Available light touches its visible surface providing reflections giving us a glimpse of some of its complex contours. I took this picture during our Grand Prix while it was parked … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist