About Pride

Today ALPHABET or more precisely, its search engine-browser, GOOGLE's splash page is about 50 years of "gay" pride. June 4th is dedicated to this apparently important celebration the global homosexual and LGBT community and ALPHABET remembers and observes yearly and everyone else is reminded of it. We are supposed to join in the celebration anxiously … Continue reading About Pride

Famous Name

  Today's Internet's probably most famous entity and search engine is Google whose real name is Alphabet, a multi-billion$ technology giant, the proverbial elephant in the room. Alphabet's greatest talent is sucking up personal information and repackaging it to sell stuff making it over three-quarters of a trillion dollars according latest tally. This innovative company … Continue reading Famous Name

Old Furnace Life Imitates Art

======================================================================================================= Old furnace in life imitates art morphs after three alien orbs invade furnace room and set it on fire. I found this particular WP weekly photo challenge theme difficult because of many reasons, one being that I don't do much world travel to where the fancy theme statues are found. Also, that suggestion about … Continue reading Old Furnace Life Imitates Art