Sleeping Giant

======================================================================================================= Once predominant in Quebec society the Catholic religion reduced to a sleeping giant, just a symbolic heritage mention in history books when discussing "New France" and its early explorers and settlers in North American. The period after WW2 started the erosion of Christian religion with the influx of international interests whose only goal was … Continue reading Sleeping Giant

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Scale is obvious here with this little fellow resting on a giant's running shoe. I doubt he was even thinking about the giants, who wear running shoes, when he hopped aboard because to him everything is gigantic. Everything except for certain insects, his prey, lurking in this sea of huge grasses that he was travelling … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Dialogue or conversation with another is as old as mankind certainly here on Earth perhaps, going back to the Garden of Eden, when the Almighty created everything. As we all know an exchange between God and humans was followed by another of counter opinions by the serpent and the humans and the rest is history. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue