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Glaring Creature

Glaring gargoyle creature stares down on passersby from facade of Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal.

Glaring creature is member of army of malicious looking gargoyles, guardians of Montreal’s downtown
Christ Church Cathedral,  allegedly supposed to ward off evil spirits.

Glaring gargoyle creature seems to exhibit extreme evil intent as seen on its distorted face looking down at passersby on Saint Catherine Street.

It along with plenty of other unique, malicious looking gargoyles carved into the Gothic Revival facade of Christ Church Cathedral are its guardians against real evil that allegedly stalks the downtown street in Montreal.

This member of a gargoyles army adorning the facade is supposed to scare of evil spirits that may want to enter this Anglican church intent on messing around with its parishioners.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”GLARING”.


Gargoyle Quadrille

gargoyle quadrille Gargoyle quadrille on Le Chateau Apartments complex ledge watches Sherbrooke Street traffic.

gargoyle quadrille 2

gargoyle quadrille 3

A gargoyle quadrille on their Le Chateau Apartments complex ledge watches all traffic both people and their cars passing by along Sherbrooke Street.

This distinctive Montreal landmark completed in 1926 designed by famous Canadian architects (George Allen) Ross & (Robert Henry) Macdonald and Harold Lea Fetherstonhaugh. Ordered by Pamphile Réal Du Tremblay, owner of the French language La Presse newspaper and constructed between February 1925 and 1926.

This reinforced concrete and steel frame complex designed to resemble a hybrid of French châteaux and Scottish fortified houses. Its façade is mostly Tyndall limestone from Garson, Manitoba while architectural details are of Indiana limestone, and its roof is copper. It is huge architecture occupying an area of 36,252 square meters including its courtyard grounds, it scales from 12 to 14 stories in height and has 136 apartments.

While photographing the Grand Prix action going on Crescent Street I decided to check out this very interesting Montreal landmark to find out more about it. After photographing it I did research finding that it was one of many great Canadian architectural jewels these architects helped create.