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Trained Automotive Expert

A trained automotive expert working in garage checks problems your car has to do repairs.

A trained automotive expert working in this garage or similar, checks what ails your modern chariot.

A trained automotive expert working in this garage checks what ails your chariot when it doesn’t work properly or breaks down on the road and towed in for repairs.

Depicted is a typical automotive hospital for cars and trucks, called a garage, that provides immediate help when required to bring them back to proper health so they can run better.

Whether it is saving you some money with fuel consumption, a periodic oil and air filter change, tire maintenance, electricals, mechanics, or body paint finish upkeep these experts can help keep you enjoying owning your car or truck for a long time.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”EXPERT”.

Spring Brake Job

Spring is brake job time after Winter tires removed.

Spring is brake job time after getting our Winter tires removed.

Spring is brake job time for many of us after getting our Winter tires removed at the local garage. This is when we find out that our brakes are gone and must be replaced.

Although this picture is a several years old it does illustrate what brake work looks like. The rear brakes on the diver side, the side we see now, had disintegrated before I arrived at a country garage.

That day I drove around in the mountains of the Eastern Townships when I sensed that something was not right with my brakes so I decided to get a mechanic to check things out. I drove into the garage in a small town near our cottage.

The moment the mechanic removed the rear tires and then the metal covers enclosing the rear brakes I saw how bad things were. I was very lucky that I had made it to that garage that day.

Car brakes work very hard all year long and in Winter they are also subjected to salt and stone grit used to keep the roads safe to drive on. Both salt and that grit break down into fine dust that collects everywhere including the brakes helping their destruction. Spring is a good time to get things taken care of before all that Summer driving.