Murderous Fun

================================================================================================= Murderous fun happens in Ottawa, after word on the street that Eddie "The Shark" Delivista got whacked and gang war is a possibility. Delivista, also known by the local wise guys as the "Codfather" is 'sleeping with the fishes' tonight, the family is very upset and plans a large funeral. They are inviting all … Continue reading Murderous Fun


====================================================================== My beach has everything you would want of a place near the ocean, roller waves with foaming whitecaps driven ashore by a steady wind, and a lot of nice warm sand heated up by the sun on a beautiful, bright, sunny day with almost no clouds. It is a wonderful place where everybody has … Continue reading Beach

Walking The Dawg

===================================================================== Walking the "dawg" in summer sunshine is wonderful because it is a great pastime as well as a physical and psychological benefit to both you and your dog. Dogs must be walked at least once each day to stay healthy and a side benefit to helping them you also help yourself to stay healthy. … Continue reading Walking The Dawg

More Depth

The Superbowl is now history, many sports fans desiring more depth for their entertainment don't have to look far for their adrenalin rush because salvation is as close as their own municipal park. In the depth of our harsh Winter there is a lot of fun available┬áto anybody that wants to enjoy themselves on a … Continue reading More Depth

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

My "dreamy" photo which I took while strolling through our large municipal park and just happened upon this Peewee baseball game these young boys were having. It reminds me of the fun I used to have when I was their age and played baseball with all my little neighborhood friends. We of course, lacked those … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Having fun with their family, this husband and wife watch as their young children toboggan down a snowy hill right in the middle of town. I was enjoying the beautiful sunny Sunday this Winter after taking a nice brisk walk and came across these people enjoying themselves with their children sliding down this hill so … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Black Bean Lentil Gumbo

Eating healthy and inexpensively is a lot of fun with our Black Bean Lentil Gumbo dish, which can be prepared in very short order all you need is a few cans of beans and lentils, some vegetables, a sprinkle of spices, and some liquids most us who cook have around the house. The resulting meal … Continue reading Black Bean Lentil Gumbo