April 2019 Ice Over

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last weekend outside conditions seemed to indicate the beginning of a nice, sunny, Spring with our temperature finally elevating a few degrees above zero raising everyone's spirits. Many believed this lull in a long period of grayness finally, as the end of our dreadful winter that seemed to linger too long because after all, … Continue reading April 2019 Ice Over

Shiny Treasure

==================================================================================================== The tree branches glistened like strings of shiny treasure in the bright morning sun after a bath of freezing rain from the night before. The thin coating of frozen rain water covering some of the branches was certainly a dazzler the way the sun's rays were bouncing off them however, it wasn't going to … Continue reading Shiny Treasure

Spring Thaw 2016

======================================================================================================= Spring thaw 2016 is getting on as it should now that it is April however, old man winter seems to hang on by dumping more snow and freezing rain. The picture you are viewing is actually spring 2014 and the place is the Centennial Park in Montreal's West Island however, it does illustrate Canadian … Continue reading Spring Thaw 2016

Monster Storm Easy Fix

Government authorities and weather experts say there is no easy fix to it cautioning Northeast residents not to lulled by appearances and relatively smooth Monday morning commute. Meteorologists working for the National Weather Service forecast that the nor'easter will bring a mix of powerful winds, heavy snow, and sleet turning into freezing rain which promises … Continue reading Monster Storm Easy Fix