Temporary Immersible

======================================================================================================= Until recently this temporary immersible car was a submerged obstacle in the dirty, polluted waters of the Pierrefonds boulevard "lake" part of the Rivière-des-Prairies, the overflowing back river branch of the mighty Saint Lawrence river that straddles the Island of Montreal. Apparently, this car was abandoned when quick rising river water flooded this area, … Continue reading Temporary Immersible

Unpreparedness Exposed

====================================================================================================== Government unpreparedness exposed in light of the "flood of the century" now happening in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec and Ontario in numerous municipalities bordering along the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa rivers and their branches. Floods happen yearly in certain low-lying areas and flood zones already known by the federal and provincial governments however, … Continue reading Unpreparedness Exposed

Bus Service None

======================================================================================================= The stop booth across from the borough municipal library stands empty because bus service is none instead polluted flood water flows by along swamped Pierrefonds boulevard in this photo taken yesterday Sunday, May, 7th. The bus stop booth remains an "island" in the dirty water of a vast lake formed when the Rivière-des-Prairies overflowed … Continue reading Bus Service None

Bitter Memory

======================================================================================================= Many affected harbor bitter a memory about how slow authorities reacted initially to the need for pre-emptive, preventative work by blue-collar work crews, lack of prepared sandbags in municipal depots for emergencies like this one, and especially being very late in calling for military help. Victims who already lost their homes have a genuine … Continue reading Bitter Memory