Parallel Lines Of Sunlight

Parallel lines of bright sunlight that penetrate dark fence boards contrast with layer of winter 2016 snow in backyard appearing a light color blue that result from being in home's shadow. Intense late morning bright sunlight reflecting off layer of white snow in neighboring backyard peers through spaces between wooden fence boards creating this interesting … Continue reading Parallel Lines Of Sunlight

Half Light Strangers

======================================================================================================= In the half light three strangers seem to have the same idea, heading towards the warmth of community center on a chilly February evening as sun goes down. I took this picture a couple of years ago attempting to capture the essence of this sundown that followed a very beautiful sunny however, cold winter … Continue reading Half Light Strangers

Scale Returns

The scale returns are serious business for anyone venturing out today for whatever reason because it's cold outside. Whether you read the thermometer in Farenheit or Centigrade cold weather is miserable. The temperature reads -18 C and with the windchill feels -31 C coupled with some blowing snow it is definitely not very comfortable outdoors. … Continue reading Scale Returns