Famous Name

  Today's Internet's probably most famous entity and search engine is Google whose real name is Alphabet, a multi-billion$ technology giant, the proverbial elephant in the room. Alphabet's greatest talent is sucking up personal information and repackaging it to sell stuff making it over three-quarters of a trillion dollars according latest tally. This innovative company … Continue reading Famous Name

Graffiti Abused Tweety

======================================================================================================= A graffiti abused Tweety hung on a thin plastic line near some building's open backdoor passageway¬†lost in that back alley not far from where they were building a massive condo-commercial office high-rise. I had gone into this alleyway after photographing the progress at the adjacent highrise building site and found a whole mess of … Continue reading Graffiti Abused Tweety

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

This minimalist image of a Pagani, a very expensive sportscar, shows it emerging out of a dark black background only part of it is visible. Available light touches its visible surface providing reflections giving us a glimpse of some of its complex contours. I took this picture during our Grand Prix while it was parked … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

While "On the Move" earlier this week I saw a several important, famous Montreal landmarks, all clustered within close proximity of each other, and also some very zany, interesting, and musically talented buskers providing entertainment for passersby. I obviously had picked the right day because these guys were really good and I wasn't the only … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move