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Childhood Dancing Experience

Young mother in childhood dancing experience with her two children during West Island Blues Festival.

Young mother participates in childhood dancing experience with her two children enjoying music being played during annual West Island Blues Festival.

During annual West Island Blues Festival mother participates in childhood dancing experience with her two preteens enjoying the music being played.

While others watch and listen to performers on stage this young mother has a wonderful time holding hands with her little boy and girl dancing to the music.

They were not the only ones dancing around while the performance was going however, they seem to be in their own little world enjoying themselves oblivious of the others.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”EXPERIENCE”.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Talented buskers-entertainers "twist" experience.

Two buskers entertainers were the “twist” or unexpected pleasant surprise.

My recent walk along Saint Catherine Street provided the “twist” experience for me because these two were just fantastic entertainers engaged in getting some change for their efforts from the thousands of passersby.

I had just left an SME industrial equipment exposition at Place Bonaventure and walked from there through Montreal’s Central Train Station enjoying seeing he multitudes busy getting their lunch or shopping at the various colorful kiosks, stores, and getting their booze at SAQ liquor store. Exiting onto Rene Levesque boulevard I walked up to Saint Catherine then continued going West when I first saw this pair performing their shtick with a bass and a guitar.

The guy with the worn black top hat wearing those brown mittens missing material for his fingers was really blasting away with his instrument while his partner with the “Ralph Kramden” hat (the old
“Honeymooners” sitcom starring the late Jackie Gleeson, Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, and Joyce Randolph) was busy providing
accompanying guitar sound.

As my photo shows most all passersby were really enjoying these two buskers providing a great time while making some hard earned change. Their act meanwhile was getting notoriety as real entertainment perhaps good enough to get on the Ed Sullivan…oops, that that show has been gone for over 40 years and it was filmed in glorious black and white!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

There are all types of versions of “Community” one type may be  a group of people living in the same town, city, state, or country. Another is a group of people sharing same interests, political views, religion or whatever. Then again, it may even be that collection of pretty badges on a wall that WordPress gave us as their example.

I have come up with 4 images showing community however, they involve people sharing an event or experience.