Cherry On Top

===================================================================================================== "Cherry on top" means many things to many people although the delightful desert as depicted by WP is the ideal(image) that comes to our minds first. My photo depicts another type of ideal certainly for this little boy, who probably may not have had the fabled desert yet instead, it is his chocolate birthday … Continue reading Cherry On Top

Montreal en Lumiere 2016

======================================================================================================= Montreal en Lumiere 2016, on until March 7, was happening Thursday morning with the temperature hovering around -18 C and with the windchill making it a bone-chilling -28 C. To say the least, it was really bone-chilling to be outside however, it was a gorgeous, sunny, day and after all this was a typical Montreal … Continue reading Montreal en Lumiere 2016

Matchless State Of Mind

======================================================================================================= A Matchless state of mind is evident in the expressions on the faces of these three fellows admiring that classic old British motorcycle you can see it all as they stand near, smile, rub their chin, and talk about it. I believe that I managed to capture that moment well in my picture and … Continue reading Matchless State Of Mind

Merry Christmas 2015

==================================================================================================== A very Merry Christmas 2015 to everyone who visited my blog this year and especially those who became followers. It has been an exciting year in the WP blogosphere and a lot was accomplished ensuring for an even better 2016. I look forward to creating more great posts and exploring even more of those … Continue reading Merry Christmas 2015

Clear Sign of Victory

======================================================================================================= In a clear sign of victory she raised and pumped her arms in the air meanwhile, smiling a broad smile for all of us to see. Her utter excitement at this precious moment was evident as she kept pumping her arms up to show how wonderful it was for her. That scene pictured here, … Continue reading Clear Sign of Victory

Xtraterrestrial Imposter

================================================ The Xtraterrestrial Imposter masqueraded as US president with ease because of thousands of years of visiting Earth studying humans. The alien being likened his masquerade to a chameleon in his pursuit of both his personal safety, attaining material wealth, and attacking his prey if needed. He knew that if he is invisible, camouflaged, appearing … Continue reading Xtraterrestrial Imposter

Thinking Love

===================================================================== Thinking love is not always easy or possible however, all the signs are there for the Thinker as he stares across the street to see the objects of his love. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presently has an exhibition called 'Metamorphoses' featuring the works of famous French sculptor-artist François-Auguste-René Rodin. His 'Thinker' is … Continue reading Thinking Love

Springtime Conjure

===================================================================== Springtime has finally arrived after an extremely cold Winter permitting our minds to conjure up hope for a warm, sunny Summer full of fun and excitement. After all that Winter we expect nothing more. As I look outside, it is a sunny day however, it's still minus three Celsius and with that breeze blowing … Continue reading Springtime Conjure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

Twinkle defined as causing a shine with fluctuating light or to shine with a flickering or sparkling light, I believe this picture I took last Summer during Montreal's Jazz Festival fits that description like a glove. I was returning home walking West towards the Atwater subway station and had just passed Crescent Street when I … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

The stage was set for the 2014 Montreal Jazz Fest act and music fans converge to the site. Last year's Jazz Fest was a real blast, a real fun time for all Jazz fans who arrived from all over the world to hear their favorite artists play their music. The photo depicts lots of excited, … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge