SewageGate Boss Coderre

===================================================================== Sewagegate Boss Coderre, alias mayor of Montreal, accused the Conservatives of "playing politics" to score cheap points. Coderre took a swipe at the his enemies saying "at the end of the Conservative regime, it's the first time they write a letter and use the word scientific." He insisted that he received scientific advise backing … Continue reading SewageGate Boss Coderre

Earth Day Crisis

=================================================================== This is Earth Day and mobilized activists are out in force ensuring the major networks' talking heads their global crisis for today. The one depicted here was in Montreal and it was a very lively event with a lot of people participating. Each year in April ¬†environmentalist activists led by the Earth Day Network … Continue reading Earth Day Crisis

Carbon Free Tax Drive

===================================================================== This carbon tax free drive along Saint Catherine street in downtown Montreal on a bicycle powered by three people. Each on comfortable custom seats of their custom-built bicycle each pedaling away. Although the two tyres seem a bit low on air, it may be that the weight of three adults might have something to … Continue reading Carbon Free Tax Drive