Mountain Rivulet

  Dark colored clear water of Eastern Townships mountain stream or rivulet meanders along passing by a blue cast metal frame wood bench set there for those relaxing moments away from world hustle bustle. The scene is down the hill from the country log chalet in a little gorge, where this tiny country stream of … Continue reading Mountain Rivulet

Forest Trees Silhouette

========================================================================================================= Eastern Townships forest trees silhouette under the intense brightness of late Fall afternoon sun throwing long dark shadows across dead leaf covered ground. The scene is a mountain top overlooking the narrows of Lake Memphremagog bathed in considerable late afternoon sunlight during later part of November day. Although taken in color I felt altering … Continue reading Forest Trees Silhouette

Horizon In Comfort

========================================================================================================= Viewing horizon in comfort through modern, large, multi-pane, thermal windows sitting in cushy leather seating imbibing in a popular brewski or some refreshing nice wine while enjoying some munchies when taking in some entertainment on a large screen TV makes for an interesting time. My digital picture depicts an excellent view from my in-laws … Continue reading Horizon In Comfort

Summer Flower Growth

========================================================================================================= 2016 summer flower growth inside remains of an old oak barrel appears somewhat stunted although this is what it normally looks like during summer over there. That year if I recollect correctly was a normal summer not like last year, 2017, which began with a very wet spring heck, it seemed summer would never … Continue reading Summer Flower Growth

Mountain Water Sparkle

================================================================================================= Rushing fresh mountain water sparkle caused by bright autumn day's sunlight reflection as it travels downhill near country cottage in Eastern Townships. The dark blue water quickly traveling downhill from its source smashes into large smooth boulders in its way creating white water spray that glistens when it picks up the sun's bright rays. … Continue reading Mountain Water Sparkle

Highway Security Focused

================================================================================================= All year and in particular during Summer Quebec Provincial Police are highway security focused ensuring order to vehicular traffic. The scene is somewhere south of Montreal on Highway 10 in the Eastern townships and one motorist, the black SUV, appears pulled over probably for speeding. Speeding and driving under the influence are the main … Continue reading Highway Security Focused

Shallow Fresh Water Stream

========================================================================================================= Depicted shallow mountain fresh water stream in Eastern Townships forest runs down ravine cut into solid rock much of it granite with a bit of quartz, plentiful in this area. Hiking through the forest we came upon this little meandering stream, whose water source is deep in some huge rock formation probably kilometers away … Continue reading Shallow Fresh Water Stream

Vibrant Pink Peony Et Al

======================================================================================================= This vibrant pink peony flower stands out well nested in multi-shades of green leaves surrounding it. In its full bloom towards the end of the summer these flowers or rather bunch of flowers bloom almost at once when there is plenty of sun and sufficient moisture provided by rainy days. I really enjoy seeing … Continue reading Vibrant Pink Peony Et Al

Spring Brake Job

=================================================================== Spring is brake job time for many of us after getting our Winter tires removed at the local garage. This is when we find out that our brakes are gone and must be replaced. Although this picture is a several years old it does illustrate what brake work looks like. The rear brakes on … Continue reading Spring Brake Job

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Nature is all about texture and my photo is a good example. Although there are plenty more similar examples to be found none will be exactly like this one that I spotted in the bush near the country house in the Eastern Townships. I was doing something I try to do whenever I am out … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture