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Highway Security Focused

Highway security focused QPP has pulled over black SUV on Highway 10 probably for speeding.

Quebec Provincial Police are highway security focused ensuring order to vehicular traffic on
provincial roads preventing carnage deaths and long-term disability.

All year and in particular during Summer Quebec Provincial Police are highway security focused ensuring order to vehicular traffic.

The scene is somewhere south of Montreal on Highway 10 in the Eastern townships and one motorist, the black SUV, appears pulled over probably for speeding.

Speeding and driving under the influence are the main factors to traffic accidents on roads resulting in carnage death and long-term disability.

The weather seems pleasant, bright and hazy and there is a bit of traffic therefore, some will speed trying to get ahead of the slower “convoys” and become a target for the QPP speed traps.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”FOCUSED”.

Shallow Fresh Water Stream

Shallow fresh water stream in Eastern townships mountains forest, whose water source is deep in huge rock formation.

Shallow fresh water stream, whose water source is deep in some huge rock formation, in Eastern Townships mountains
forest runs down ravine cut into solid granite rock, plentiful in this area.

Depicted shallow mountain fresh water stream in Eastern Townships forest runs down ravine cut into solid rock much of it granite with a bit of quartz, plentiful in this area.

Hiking through the forest we came upon this little meandering stream, whose water source is deep in some huge rock formation probably kilometers away east of where we were.

The scene was July 16, 2017 somewhere near Lake Memphremagog near US border on a nice, very sunny, warm, Sunday when a group of us decided to hike through some unknown territory to most except for our leader, who had already marked our path earlier.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SHALLOW”.

Vibrant Pink Peony Et Al

A vibrant pink peony flower in a sea of multi-shades of green leaves.

This vibrant pink peony flower stands out nested in the dark green leaves surrounding it.

vibrant purple dainties

vibrant light purples
This vibrant pink peony flower stands out well nested in multi-shades of green leaves surrounding it.

In its full bloom towards the end of the summer these flowers or rather bunch of flowers bloom almost at once when there is plenty of sun and sufficient moisture provided by rainy days.

I really enjoy seeing the subtle shades of pink blooms when they happen and always take some pictures because they are so beautiful. During our long winter months these pictures brighten things up by reminding me of the summer that is quickly approaching..well, sort of!

Peonies are not the only vibrant flowers that give enjoyment to me, included are these two other types of flowers which unfortunately, I can’t name presently however, they did catch my attention for a picture. Both were summer residents of the Eastern Townships when I was visiting last summer.

These pictures are my contribution for this week’s WP photo challenge “VIBRANT”.

Spring Brake Job

Spring is brake job time after Winter tires removed.

Spring is brake job time after getting our Winter tires removed.

Spring is brake job time for many of us after getting our Winter tires removed at the local garage. This is when we find out that our brakes are gone and must be replaced.

Although this picture is a several years old it does illustrate what brake work looks like. The rear brakes on the diver side, the side we see now, had disintegrated before I arrived at a country garage.

That day I drove around in the mountains of the Eastern Townships when I sensed that something was not right with my brakes so I decided to get a mechanic to check things out. I drove into the garage in a small town near our cottage.

The moment the mechanic removed the rear tires and then the metal covers enclosing the rear brakes I saw how bad things were. I was very lucky that I had made it to that garage that day.

Car brakes work very hard all year long and in Winter they are also subjected to salt and stone grit used to keep the roads safe to drive on. Both salt and that grit break down into fine dust that collects everywhere including the brakes helping their destruction. Spring is a good time to get things taken care of before all that Summer driving.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

 Texture of white fungus


Nature is all about texture and my photo is a good example. Although there are plenty more similar examples to be found none will be exactly like this one that I spotted in the bush near the country house in the Eastern Townships.

I was doing something I try to do whenever I am out in the country, taking nice long walks to see what I can find to photograph when I got lucky and saw this white fungus growing on a rotten log. As you can see the bark has come apart in irregular sections leaving bare darkened wood meanwhile, the remaing bark has been overgrown with the white fungus creating an interesting texture. My “log” rests nestled amongst small dead broken twigs and mostly dead brown leaves complimented with some fresh green new ones.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Barn window refections

Barn window reflections of photographer, house, sky and trees.

This reflections image done several summers ago when I travelled out into the Eastern Townships near the Vermont border. I was looking for interesting things to capture in my photos when I noticed a reflection of me in the cracked barn window so I quickly snapped the shot.

I held my small digital camera just shoulder-high with my right hand and captured the barn window, me, the blue sky with white billowy clouds, the house, and the trees near the house, I thought it was a neat shot after having a chance to see my handiwork what do you think?