Forest Mushroom Bunch

======================================================================================================= Centered amidst mostly brown dead forest foliage a white mushroom bunch peeks out desperately seeking some sunlight to help it grow. As for what particular type this bunch is I haven't a clue although some Googling would probably¬† provide some answers although I can safely assume it is a toxic variety. I found this … Continue reading Forest Mushroom Bunch

Townships Mini Gorge

======================================================================================================== Descending down hill towards the Eastern Townships mini gorge to witness the heavy flow of the normally feeble stream that had swelled several times its size because of last October's abundant rains seemed to increase the roar to almost deafening. This past October was a particularly wet month, which saturated the countryside really raising … Continue reading Townships Mini Gorge

Cheeky Red Squirrel

========================================================================================================= Visibly very excited, cheeky red squirrel paused again assessing whether hanging around was safe after seeing me appear suddenly out of nowhere. The scene is in the Eastern Townships on a bright sunny day near the cottage early last November when we met eye to eye after my small trek through some forest. I … Continue reading Cheeky Red Squirrel

Seasonal Transformation

================================================================================================= Seasonal transformation is evident by mostly grey somber look and tons of fallen brown shriveled leaves littering the ground shown in this forest scene it happens every year. Fortunately in this forest green moss still covers exposed rocks and the bases of some trees giving an interesting contrast to this hardwood forest scene. The … Continue reading Seasonal Transformation