Easter 2020

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Christ has risen, Happy Easter! In these uncertain times where our very existance hangs in the balance Easter 2020 brings us hope. Our precarious personal situation today reminds us more than ever how our Lord Jesus Christ felt knowing that His mortal life was about to end. Just like Him we dread dying knowing … Continue reading Easter 2020

Empty Grave

===================================================================================================== No empty grave depicted here although an "angel" (bronze) guards it reminiscent to the real one found at Christ's crypt after His resurrection on Easter Sunday over 2000 years ago. Unlike a similar scene from over 2000 years ago, when Jesus Christ arose from the dead and an angel was found guarding the empty … Continue reading Empty Grave

Apple-Blueberry Delight Cake

Easter Sunday was the perfect time for our Apple-Blueberry Delight Cake it did have much competition amongst the myriad of delectable goodies presented on the huge table for our now much expanding family clan however, it didn't disappoint us proving once again, that one piece was never enough mmm..mmm delicious! Ingredients 1 cup canola oil … Continue reading Apple-Blueberry Delight Cake