Beer Attuned Listening Pleasure

====================================================================================================== Today, beer attuned listening pleasure is assured when visiting downtown Montreal as the 2016 International Jazz Festival really gets into gear. This is easily possible because beer kiosks abound on the site complimented by more than adequate numbers of bars, brazzeries, and restaurants with a liquor license. Apparently, booze does accentuate listening or was … Continue reading Beer Attuned Listening Pleasure

Clouds Rule

====================================================================================================== Clouds rule the skies over downtown Montreal sporadically opening up and emptying their heavy loads of rain on citizens and visitors alike caught in the open. The annual 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival started off with a bit of uncertainty about the weather as heavy dark rain clouds complimented with a bit of wind … Continue reading Clouds Rule

Construction Beneath Your Feet

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Beneath Your Feet." =================================================================== Construction beneath your feet is happening at multiple project sites in downtown Montreal like the one depicted in this picture. My recent walk along Rene Levesque boulevard allowed me to see the progress of at least four large downtown projects each one … Continue reading Construction Beneath Your Feet

Perfect Evening Crepes

=================================================================== Making perfect evening crepes that is what this young chef appears to be doing then again, I am just guessing because after all the eatery isĀ oriental and I have no knowledge aboutĀ this restaurant or its food. A couple weeks ago while walking along Saint Catherine street heading west I happened on this scene and … Continue reading Perfect Evening Crepes

Week Photo Challenge: Depth

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Depth." Travelling North along Highway 13, depth is apparent by the way the road sides seem to converge into a point somewhere way past the treeline up ahead. I was returning from downtown Montreal in my car doing about 90 km/hour when this semi-trailer's driver decided … Continue reading Week Photo Challenge: Depth