Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

=================================================================== Symmetry is a quality derived from balanced proportions, equal number, shape, size, and members' position relative to a perceived dividing line or median plane. I have found these three examples to depict what symmetry may look like whether created by man or mother nature. Each is different yet they all abide by the definition … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail

Collecting detail is something few of us consciously do however, our minds do collect it without us realizing this because after all we also have a subconscious. In this story here I really did try to remember what went on around me that day. On a beautiful sunny day in minus 32 C with the … Continue reading Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail

Marvelous Eggplant

Eggplant has been made marvelous by people in many wonderful and different ways and all are delicious however, I think my version is unique and now I would like to share it with you. By-the-way, pictured is what my marvelous eggplant dinner looks like. Enjoy! Ingredients:  1 large onion  1 can (680 ml) … Continue reading Marvelous Eggplant