Chickpea Chicken Delight

During these often cold months of Spring, it nice to enjoy some warm , tasty, 'comfort food' such as our Chickpea Chicken Delight, which wonderfully satisfies our hunger pangs meanwhile, warms our tummy with a warmth that seems envelope our whole being. Actually, I like it because it is simply a yummy dish and hope … Continue reading Chickpea Chicken Delight

Apple-Blueberry Delight Cake

Easter Sunday was the perfect time for our Apple-Blueberry Delight Cake it did have much competition amongst the myriad of delectable goodies presented on the huge table for our now much expanding family clan however, it didn't disappoint us proving once again, that one piece was never enough mmm..mmm delicious! Ingredients 1 cup canola oil … Continue reading Apple-Blueberry Delight Cake