Electrifying High Wire Act

===================================================================== The daily electrifying high wire act was in progress when it finally happened so quickly, so abruptly, and without any warning. Everyday, except in the deep freeze of winter, when I look out onto my backyard I witness a high wire act by our local troupe of grey squirrels. More often, it is a … Continue reading Electrifying High Wire Act

Fresh Chainsaw Home Renovations

===================================================================== Arrival of Spring brings a flurry fresh chainsaw home renovations work to the neighborhood. Walking to the local bank, I first heard then noticed workmen dressed in orange manipulating large gasoline-powered chain saws near the roof of a home. As shown in my picture, a lot of woodchips are flying all over the place … Continue reading Fresh Chainsaw Home Renovations

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

According to Webster's dictionary - "Endurance..permanance, duration..the ability to withstand hardship, adversity, or stress. To remain firm under suffering or misfortune without yielding..to last..to continue in same state..bear the elements.." This front disk pad from my car failed to meet this definition. As you can see it instead became a liability, a dangerous object needing … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance