Cap’n Quebec At Grand Prix

Cap'n Quebec makes an appearance at Montreal's 2019 Grand Prix. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cap'n Quebec makes an appearance at Montreal's 2019 Grand Prix, more specifically, during the weekend. This Friday afternoon I took in the sights and sounds of Grand Prix without actually visiting the Gilles Villeneuve Race Track, site for Sunday's event, meanwhile, I spotted the … Continue reading Cap’n Quebec At Grand Prix


  F1 racer tire change contest woman announcer seems to blush while on her mike talking to assembled crowd of passersby Grand Prix fans during pre-amble to giving OK for event to start. The scene is Crescent street, Thursday morning, June 2016, during the annual Montreal International Grand Prix weekend and the two first contestants … Continue reading Blush

Some Prefer Red Charger

================================================================================================= Some visitors to 2017 Montreal International Grand Prix weekend prefer red Chrysler Charger instead of more expensive cars from exotic foreign competitors exhibited on Crescent Street. Interest in model depicted is clear in the eyes and facial expressions of some of the visitors there were others who cared less about it all however, they … Continue reading Some Prefer Red Charger

Thirst Relieved

======================================================================================================= Some already thirst relieved construction workers hung around the Corona Extra kiosk while their buddies waited in line to get a plastic glass of their favorite Mexican beer. The scene is on Crescent Street two weeks ago during the annual Grand Prix weekend when some construction workers took their lunch break from their work … Continue reading Thirst Relieved

Awesome Viper

===================================================================================================== The awesome Viper GT presented itself well at the recent Montreal Grand Prix weekend on Crescent Street. This American designed and manufactured muscle sports car competes with some of the most famous international names in the business such as Alpha Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Porsche to name a few, all present at this event. … Continue reading Awesome Viper

Thinking Love

===================================================================== Thinking love is not always easy or possible however, all the signs are there for the Thinker as he stares across the street to see the objects of his love. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presently has an exhibition called 'Metamorphoses' featuring the works of famous French sculptor-artist François-Auguste-René Rodin. His 'Thinker' is … Continue reading Thinking Love

Gargoyle Quadrille

Gargoyle quadrille on Le Chateau Apartments complex ledge watches Sherbrooke Street traffic. ===================================================================== A gargoyle quadrille on their Le Chateau Apartments complex ledge watches all traffic both people and their cars passing by along Sherbrooke Street. This distinctive Montreal landmark completed in 1926 designed by famous Canadian architects (George Allen) Ross & (Robert Henry) Macdonald and … Continue reading Gargoyle Quadrille

Grand Prix Thurday

==================================================================== Grand Prix Thursday in Montreal, a very exciting morning with lots of race fans, some say 300,000, enjoying wonderful sunshine and very comfortable temperatures. No different from earlier years beautiful women fronted various muscle cars, accessories, and related wares exhibits and kiosks enticing passersby to visit and tryout, sample, or simply get more information. … Continue reading Grand Prix Thurday

Wheel Change Race

==================================================================== The wheel change race contestants patiently waited the signal from the guy on the mike suddenly the race was on to see who could torque the big tire retaining lug. After a false start the two contestants were really working hard to beat the clock as those large digits quickly morphed through the numbers. … Continue reading Wheel Change Race

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

Twinkle defined as causing a shine with fluctuating light or to shine with a flickering or sparkling light, I believe this picture I took last Summer during Montreal's Jazz Festival fits that description like a glove. I was returning home walking West towards the Atwater subway station and had just passed Crescent Street when I … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle