Bad Dream

    Have you lately had restless nights leaving you wondering why you're so tired when you wake perhaps, may be just something you ate earlier or.. perhaps, it's that reoccurring bad dream! Seems it's always that same, familiar surroundings, that old house, those numerous elongated windows, that single round tower with its small black, … Continue reading Bad Dream

Master Of Darkness

====================================================================================================== The master of darkness appears while she sleeps then his fangs pierce her nice soft neck to suck warm red blood, she awakes screaming uncontrollably. Originally, Klaus Günter Karl Nakszynski as Nosterafu, was the master of darkness however, Hollywood soon retooled with a new improved vampire starting Christopher Lee as Count Dracula. Lee arrived … Continue reading Master Of Darkness

Vampire Ball In Bowl

======================================================================================================= The vampire ball in bowl sat there almost surrounded, facing, three mirror panes in front of it and true to its nature, there was no reflection of it given by the mirrors. Just then I recalled those Hollywood's Hammer Production  vampire movies with actors, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, that the undead gave no reflection when … Continue reading Vampire Ball In Bowl