What About Joe?

=================================================================== Looking at times confused, lapses in memory, trying to find the correct word, and struggling to follow the conversation, agitation, are some things already exhibited by their presidential candidate leading up to the recent "virtual" Democrat National Convention, which conjures up our question: "what about Joe?" Studies have shown this type of brain aneurysm … Continue reading What About Joe?

Aimless Theater

====================================================================== Aimless theater is a Hollywood's classics mashup mixture of comedy, cops, murder, mystery and suspense devoid of story  direction or meaning. It is a mixture that includes the Marx Bros , Victor Mature, George Clooney, and numerous actors and actresses that never ever achieved sufficient fame and already long forgotten. The mashup gives scant direction where the … Continue reading Aimless Theater

Cross Street Remembered

=================================================================== That cross street remembered here is our long-term memory in action however, as the picture shows our recollection is not perfectly vivid instead a bit fuzzy. Our memory stores all our learning based on what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, smell with our nose, and taste with our tongue. It … Continue reading Cross Street Remembered