March 4 Chicken Soup

During this Winter's final cold days our delicious March 4 Chicken Soup  helps ease our transition into glorious Spring just around the corner. Although chicken soup has been a favorite comfort food for many ever since we discovered chickens, and there are thousands, perhaps millions, of recipes or versions of this wonderful broth we think … Continue reading March 4 Chicken Soup

Ham Smorgasbord Eugenio Ultimate

Sometimes you just don't want to go out shopping for extra food ingredients, our Ham Smorgasbord Eugenio Ultimate, is just the thing to make. This fabulous, gourmet frugal, meal is both nutritious yet relatively inexpensive to make and you can whipped it up in short time. It may also become your favorite "comfort food"! Ingredients: … Continue reading Ham Smorgasbord Eugenio Ultimate

Chickpea Chicken Delight

During these often cold months of Spring, it nice to enjoy some warm , tasty, 'comfort food' such as our Chickpea Chicken Delight, which wonderfully satisfies our hunger pangs meanwhile, warms our tummy with a warmth that seems envelope our whole being. Actually, I like it because it is simply a yummy dish and hope … Continue reading Chickpea Chicken Delight

Chili Eugenio

Our Chili (Con Carne) Eugenio is a creative variant of that original spicy stew 'comfort food derived from the Spanish Conquistadors who learned it after defeating the Cholulans, allies of the Aztecs. Our version is a delicious very filling dish and gets even better later with time. It can be had as is or with 'embellishments' such … Continue reading Chili Eugenio