Mykolka’s Now

==================================================================================================== Mykolka's NOW is the stark reality children are innocent and tragic casualties of ideological wars. These wars are happening even as most continue to celebrate Christmas enjoying ourselves in the company of our families and friends, we are the lucky ones. Our WP weekly photo challenge depicted beautiful little children all happy selves snug … Continue reading Mykolka’s Now

Merry Christmas 2015

==================================================================================================== A very Merry Christmas 2015 to everyone who visited my blog this year and especially those who became followers. It has been an exciting year in the WP blogosphere and a lot was accomplished ensuring for an even better 2016. I look forward to creating more great posts and exploring even more of those … Continue reading Merry Christmas 2015

Banana Raisin Light loaf

¬†After gorging yourself on turkey and accompanying assortment of wonderful Christmas goodies our Banana Raisin Light Loaf is just the perfect thing with a nice cup of coffee or tea. This incredibly delicious banana loaf is so light it very easy on the tummy and that one slice is never enough.Ingredients:3 bananas (ripe)1/2 cup Canola … Continue reading Banana Raisin Light loaf