Variations On A Theme

========================================================================================================= Multitude of wild ducks swimming qualifies for variations on a theme in conformance to one suggestion for this week's WP photo challenge. The mallards and wood duck females, well it seems that most if not all are females populated West Island's Centennial Park's man-made artificial lake gathered in anticipation for bread crumbs or cereal … Continue reading Variations On A Theme

Outdoor Silence

========================================================================================================= An outdoor silence pervades in Centennial Park near frozen man-made lake, Canadian winter has set in with its intense cold and snow covering everything except for tall browned grasses and those dark-colored defoliated trees, nothing stirs. In summer, this park is alive with fresh new green vegetation, birds flying, singing, gathering material and building … Continue reading Outdoor Silence

Snooze Sanctuary

================================================================================================= The snooze sanctuary security perimeter maintained by vicious, sharp-eyed, loud-mouth seagulls providing tired ducksĀ their well deserved rest. This guarded snooze sanctuary exists in Montreal's West Island Centennial Park and our beaked, webbed-footed buddies enjoy this luxury after a hard day hunting for morsels of aquatic food from the man-made lake. As my picture shows … Continue reading Snooze Sanctuary

Spring Thaw 2016

======================================================================================================= Spring thaw 2016 is getting on as it should now that it is April however, old man winter seems to hang on by dumping more snow and freezing rain. The picture you are viewing is actually spring 2014 and the place is the Centennial Park in Montreal's West Island however, it does illustrate Canadian … Continue reading Spring Thaw 2016

Evening Transition

================================================================================================ This evening transition depicts late summer changing into fall, the scene is the artificial lake in Centennial Park in Montreal's West Island. The sun has gone down and its warm glow envelopes the horizon way past the treeline meanwhile, the shadows have quickly moved in around the lake shore. This scene happens every year … Continue reading Evening Transition

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

The dark behemoths of galvanized steel stood there contrasted against the light grey sky. That afternoon, as I walked out of the town city hall complex, which also houses the municipal library I passed directly under hanging high tension wires overhead of the huge electrical power towers. I had done this countless times without paying … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast