His early life experiences while wondering the neighborhood dictated why Mooshie cat was inchoate always checking things out before making his ultimate decision whether to flee or stay. As my picture depicts him looking down our staircase towards the front door our former cat was always on guard checking who was coming through the … Continue reading Inchoate

Not Awakening

Moosh is definitely not awakening from this comfortable bed, at least not immediately, instead preferring to sleep some more. Dead to the world, Mooshy seems to be enjoying his beauty rest casting aside whatever worries a cat may have however, don't fool yourself because despite appearances he is always alert to danger. His radar ears, … Continue reading Not Awakening

Feline Weather Study

======================================================================================================= Black and white feline does weather study after persistently insisting permission for foray onto backyard however, after closely examining frigid situation, getting visual proof of hard winter quick withdrawal to warm quarters seems a better idea. Although equipped with a nice, fluffy, fur coat Mr. Cat (not his real name) preferred warmer days outside … Continue reading Feline Weather Study

Feline Anticipation

======================================================================================================= Feline anticipation is written all over this little guy's face as he awaits his master to awake, rise from bed, and then let him out the backdoor, except when it was dreadfully cold in the winter. If it was extremely cold or a winter storm was happening then even if I opened the door … Continue reading Feline Anticipation

Eye Spy Cat

================================================================================================ The eye spy cat peered carefully trying to determine what was going on having sneaked up to the opening after hearing some familiar sounds coming from the kitchen. Our cat has uncanny hearing then again, all cats do, they also have an awesome sense of smell that allows them to discern if what they … Continue reading Eye Spy Cat

New Dawn

My new dawn arrived early in the week when I awoke suddenly because my cat was meowing loudly, his signal to me to let him out the door... After working on my set of photos for 5 hours when I realized that it was already 1 AM Tuesday so I quickly concluded the edit and … Continue reading New Dawn