Careful Final Scrutiny

======================================================================================================= Careful final scrutiny of the particulars regarding the council's agreed plan of action for the upcoming season is important to avoid any unforeseen glitches that can happen. This member of a community council appears intent to verify everything carefully reading line by line and paragraph by paragraph his printed copy of the plan and … Continue reading Careful Final Scrutiny

Careful Lunch

================================================================================================ Careful lunch hanging high up on power-line is common with local grey squirrels populating my neighborhood backyards and trees. I took this picture one day while on the porch in my backyard fascinated by the skill and agility this particular rodent hanging onto a power-line with its back feet, leaning over and munching on … Continue reading Careful Lunch

Friday 13 Returns mashing

================================================ This year, Friday 13, ┬áreturns twice in a row mashing all probability that this will be a fortunate year. Let's think back to when was the last time this happened in our lifetime hmm? Can't think when this roll of the dice or chance pick up of a winning hand has happened because it … Continue reading Friday 13 Returns mashing