Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

Angular defines as "having one or more angles or forming an angle or sharp cornered..", I think this picture taken while I last visited our nation's capitol, Ottawa early last year qualifies. This greenish, tempered glass and metal building situated not very far from Parliament caught my eye instantly compelling me to capture its image. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Dialogue or conversation with another is as old as mankind certainly here on Earth perhaps, going back to the Garden of Eden, when the Almighty created everything. As we all know an exchange between God and humans was followed by another of counter opinions by the serpent and the humans and the rest is history. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

The dark behemoths of galvanized steel stood there contrasted against the light grey sky. That afternoon, as I walked out of the town city hall complex, which also houses the municipal library I passed directly under hanging high tension wires overhead of the huge electrical power towers. I had done this countless times without paying … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast