Barely Luminescent

Stark reality of WWI post battle barely luminescent scene of what was forest now just smoking charcoal sticks of trees sheltering stagnant water artillery shell pock-holes, dead, and assorted war debris. My image taken in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, depicts an exhibit of an eerie, surreal, typical, WWI battle area after an artillery … Continue reading Barely Luminescent

Panther Puzzled

German Panther tank displayed at Ottawa's Canadian War Museum has unusual, unique coating on its armor which puzzled me considering that some appears missing in places. Although the museum technical staff put in much work getting this very popular, famous, WW2 tank into required shape it seems getting real "Zimmerit" coating may be hard to … Continue reading Panther Puzzled

Armor Strategy

======================================================================================================== Canadian armor strategy ceased to exist following end of WW1 only revived when government realized in 1939 WW2 was imminent hastily buying surplus United States M1917 6-ton tanks as "scrap' . The "scrap" tanks were available fortunately because US remained neutral until Pearl Harbor after which Nazi Germany to support allied Japanese Empire declared … Continue reading Armor Strategy

Weathered Valentine

======================================================================================================== Ottawa's Canadian War Museum is home for this severely weathered Valentine VI tank that spent decades drowned in former Soviet Union after helping defeat Hitler's Nazi Germany. Although it fell through ice during action on January 25, 1944 when crossing a river near Telepyne, Ukraine and was forgotten about until 1990 when an old-timer … Continue reading Weathered Valentine

Waiting In Ambush

================================================================================================= Waiting in ambush armed with his MP-40 machine pistol WW2 German paratrooper is ready to gun down any enemy soldiers that come into view. The scene is probably somewhere in Italy perhaps, near Monte Cassino,  where the Allies had fierce battles with all branches of the Hitler's Nazi armed forces in the famous monastery … Continue reading Waiting In Ambush